Zabba Designs Brand Ambassador

Zabba Designs Brand AmbassadorBRAND AMBASSADOR 

Do you want to be a part of a passionate, incredible community of Zabba Designs Family? Then our Zabba Designs Brand Ambassador program wants you! If you’re interested in learning more, read on!

To qualify as a Zabba Designs Brand Ambassador

To qualify as a Zabba Designs Brand Ambassador, you must already be familiar with at least one of our products, whether you borrowed it and loved it or whether you own one or ten. Additionally, we are looking for these qualities in a brand ambassador:


No matter what part of the US or the world you live in, you are welcome to apply! However, we are currently focused on making our program in North America the best it can be. We’ve found it difficult to support our global Ambassadors as well as we’d like just yet, so we’ll only be considering those who live in North America.


You gotta love people! Whether you are active in a local African, African American, Sorority or natural hair groups, you have to love African clothing and accessories. Are you a member of related Fashion groups, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or on African Fashion forums? If you don’t love connecting with people in a variety of ways, this program is probably not a great fit for you. You have to have an establish and engaged following. You have to love sharing pictures socially!!!


We would love to have Ambassadors that represent the many cultures that love African Fashion! It is incredibly important to us to have insight and perspective and photos of from variety of faces, experiences, parenting styles, and places. If you think you represents a unique experience, perspective, or demographic, we’d love for you to mention it in your application.

As a Zabba Designs Brand Ambassador, we’ll feature you and the good work you do on our website and social media. You’ll be presented with unique opportunities for contests and giveaways.
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Requirements & Rewards
- Earn $100 store credit monthly.

- Required to post 2 product images a week, either your own or a repost of mine using a hashtag strategy emailed to you.

- Comment on 5-10 "ideal customer" pictures a week using a hashtag strategy.

- Notate in your bio you are a brand ambassador for Zabba Designs.

- Hashtag strategies will be emailed to you in a separate document.

- Store credit will be rewarded at the end of the month.

- The brand ambassador with the MOST post/comments will be rewarded!

- Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in not receiving the monthly store credit

- Brand ambassadors will receive a custom hashtag that is assigned to them for tracking purposes.

- Your IG account will need to be public, or you can create a separate account if you prefer.
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